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Guiding You Through the Unified Communications Landscape

Is it time to upgrade your Unified Communications? Are you looking to choose between on-premise and cloud-based phones for your business? Which telecommunications system is the best choice for you? Capital expense or operational expense? There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right communication tool. With over 1200 customers, the Unified Technologies’ team understands what goes into such a major decision because we are having technology conversations with business leaders every day. We are ready to be your guide through the decision-making process.

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Solutions-Driven Approach

The most important step in choosing a UC solution is the discovery process. Unified Technologies has a team of local telecommunications experts with a proven plan that will show you the best solutions that complement and enhance your business strategy. Which choice makes the most business sense, financial sense, and common sense? We have an understanding of the tools available today and how they can benefit your organization.


Powering more than 2 billion connections every day, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate and take care of their customers. With over 2,500 channel partners and regional headquarters around the globe, Mitel has a global reach, but also a local touch. Mitel offers robust integrated solutions whether your business requires a premise-based solution, a cloud solution or a hybrid approach. Contact Center software and collaboration tools including mobility and messaging can be designed to meet the needs of your business.

Mitel is a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications. Mitel provides organizations of all sizes with cloud communications solutions combined with productivity and team collaboration applications, enabling businesses to work more effectively and better serve their customers.


NEC offers a wide range of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from greater productivity. The UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, in-building wireless systems, and soft phones help workers quickly and reliably access tools, information, and individuals anywhere at any time. The many customizable options and advanced features available on NEC phones provide businesses with even more flexibility in how they communicate.

Unified Solutions

We offer extensive business solutions to meet customers’ specific business challenges. Among our product offerings are DVS Analytics and Telstrat

  • Advanced Omni-channel contact centers
  • Robust analytics platforms
  • Mobility solutions
  • Remote worker support
  • Fax to email solutions
  • Voice to text capabilities
  • Total relocation coordination
  • Free carrier analysis
  • Recording Solutions


Gartner defines Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as a cloud-delivered unified communications model that supports six communications functions:

  • Enterprise telephony
  • Meetings (audio/video/web conferencing)
  • Unified messaging
  • Instant messaging and presence (personal and team)
  • Mobility
  • Communications-enabled business processes

UCaaS infrastructure is owned, operated, maintained and delivered by the provider. Typical characteristics include multitenancy (including tenant partitions residing on shared UC infrastructure, such as data centers, racks, compute, network, common equipment and blades) and self-service web portals for provisioning, management and performance/usage reporting. The provider delivers applications from a common platform and licenses the service for a monthly, recurring, subscription charge.

Unified Technologies staff is trained and certified in the design and sales engineering of UCAAS solutions. Through relationships with many of the top providers in the space today, we can identify and deliver the best UCaas offering to meet the customers objectives; functional and financial. Our offerings include Ring, 8×8, Nextiva, Zoom, Cisco HCS, Mitel, LogMeIn and many more!


Contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions offer similar functional capabilities to those of on-premises contact center infrastructure, but with key differences. With CCaaS, connectivity to other cloud-based applications may be easier, consumption is paid for via monthly subscription, and there is a stronger focus on service capabilities. Functions and abilities that organizations consider when reviewing their contact center requirements include:

  • Automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Universal routing and queuing of voice and internet channels
  • A chatbot capability to support self-service and assisted-service interactions and transactions.
  • Proactive contact, including outbound dialing and SMS, as well as push text and email notifications.
  • Access to customer data.
  • Support for virtual operations, remote agents and subject matter experts.
  • Customer relationship tracking, management applications, and operational support applications.

Unified Technologies vast experience in the contact center space makes us the ideal partner to help you identify your business requirements, engineer the design and evaluate the options available to you. Through relationships with all of the top CCAAS providers in the industry today, we can identify and deliver the best CCaas offering to meet the customers objectives; functional and financial. Our offerings include Genesys, TalkDesk, Five9’s, InContact, LiveVox and many more!