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Wowing the Customer in the New Normal

By: Unified Technologies
Published: August 2, 2021 Updated: January 8, 2024
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One of our customers forwarded a few comments he recently received from his staff.  Judging from these comments, can you tell what kind of assistance they were given? 

Just got off the phone with the new _______.  They are the BOMB!  I talked to Chris for a little over an hour and they fixed EVERYTHING.  It’s like I hadn’t been to the dr. in years (finished with a smiley face emoji).

And another said – “Took 5 minutes.  Totally painless.  Thanks Kevin!”

The comments came to us from Kevin Bicknell, our contact at AMR Management Services in Lexington.  They were emails he received about their “new IT Service” we are providing for the (left blank above so I wouldn’t give it away).

You can tell so much from these comments.  For example, the first one came from their Creative Director.  Very descriptive and, well, creative. The second comment came from the Director of Public Policy.  Succinct and to the point.  Just the type of correspondence I’d expect from a Director of Public Policy. 

We were thrilled that Kevin shared them with us.  It’s always nice to know that we are not just taking care of our customers but giving them the kind of service that makes them want to tell someone about it. 

With the ‘new normal’ upon us taking care of customers is more important than ever.

A story by Joe Lilly featured in the Lane Report recently talked about “surviving the new normal”.    He talked about how businesses changed during the pandemic to better cater to their customers.  Things like curbside service and home deliveries grew out of a need to provide a better customer experience. Personalized if you will.  And these services aren’t going away in the new normal.

Joe Lilly also talked about using technology to help provide that better experience.  As he said in his recent article 

“…in many ways, The New Normal is nothing more than a throwback to the past: personal service, personal messages and personal contact. Just as the pandemic has made us all realize the value of family and friends, it has made us look for companies we can consider as friends because they value us and cater to us. New technology allows us to utilize some of the old ways that are most effective–and that will inevitably lead to increased sales and an enhanced reputation.” 

 If you are looking to enhance your customer’s experience there may be a new software application or a cloud-based tool that can make it easier for your staff to deliver faster, better, more personalized service.  Our team helps companies solve problems and develop new better processes all the time.  We would be glad to sit down and discuss how we can do that for your company.