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Smart Sensors and Protecting Your Business through the ‘Internet of Things’

By: Unified Technologies
Published: June 30, 2021 Updated: January 8, 2024
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One of the products available in our Integrated Security and Surveillance (ISS) Division offers all-in-one security in one device. With integration to many third party systems including ExacqVision and Gallagher the HALO IOT Smart Sensor can provide schools from Kindergarten to higher education with information on vape detection and air quality. 

In addition, the sensors can detect gunshots and location and start a chain of events to lock down areas, call for emergency backup and more. To prevent the spread of infectious disease the sensors can ensure that the air is properly filtered rooms and area have been cleaned. Hand-free calls for help can be triggered by detecting specific key words and scanning for aggressive behavior indicators like abnormal noise levels, shouting, excessive banging or bullying.

Chemical spills and hazardous gases can be detected and caught throughout a plant or facility. Environmental sensors monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and light. Vandalism and trespassing alerts can trigger notification when light variations or noise is detected in unauthorized areas or after hours. Personnel can receive real-time alerts either via text or email from HALO, aiding in a quick emergency response. 

HALO sensors can also be placed in privacy areas, such as bathrooms and locker rooms, as it utilizes sensors instead of cameras.

The design and interface of the sensors and third-party software are critical to the success of the notifications and the results. Some things to consider for your business, school or facility include making sure all areas are monitored and protected; all channels have been designed for immediate notification and response; all staff; ensure plans are understood and enforced. 

Unified Technologies’ ISS division has the experience and manpower to design, install and integrate these sensors with whatever third-party you choose. If you would like to know more about improving the safety and security of your organization please contact us.