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Customer Spotlight - L&N Federal Credit Union

Published: March 18, 2021 Updated: January 8, 2024

L&N Federal Credit Union has been a staple in the Louisville community since 1954. Over the years their footprint has spread to branches in Northern and Southeastern Kentucky. With 25 locations including 20 branches and administrative sites, managing security across all locations became a challenge.

L&N partnered with Unified last fall to install an integrated solution for all 26 locations. Bradley Ledford worked with Unified’s ISS Engineer Jason Becker to design a complete solution around Gallagher’s Command Centre that would control all sites from one location. In addition to video surveillance, the Command Centre also provides a single point of control for all door access across the sites.

Now, instead of dialing into each location individually to view camera activity, the Command Centre
provides a view of all locations from a single screen. Changing credentials on access controls can now be done from a single site and updated across all locations at once. This ease of administration was a main reason L&N chose Unified’s solution. Now instead of logging in with full credentials to 20 different systems, changes are made once and pushed out to all locations.

Unified’s Alex Durso is the Field Supervisor on the project with Shawn Lawson and Keagan Morris
completing the team doing the installation.

According to Danny Grant, Facilities Director at L&N, “Unified’s installation team has been great. We like the fact that there are the same technicians on the project across all installations. They know us and the way everything is set up and we don’t have to work with new techs on each site. Unified’s staff, from Mike, Bradley and Jason initially to the install team, has been very welcoming and helpful. Anything we need, UT has been on top of it. We’re really impressed with the whole team and work on the project.