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Customer Spotlight - Air Hydro Power

By: Unified Technologies
Published: August 26, 2021 Updated: January 8, 2024
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Air Hydro Power is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The company has served the Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and more recently Alabama manufacturing base as a Total Solutions Provider since 1961. Growing from Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Connector roots, Air Hydro has grown over the years by adapting to new technologies like Electrical Motion Control, Safety, Bar Coding and Vision Inspection Systems. They have 17 locations throughout Kentucky, Alabama, Southern Indiana and the panhandle of Florida and the goal is to keep growing.

They pride themselves on being a total solutions provider with the best people, facilities, and products.

Last fall Air Hydro began looking for a new partner for their network and unified communications.  They were looking to address the level of customer service they were receiving.  They wanted a like-minded service partner to help design and deliver next generation technology with a scalable design and they needed consulting and expertise to help them make the best decisions to meet their business drivers.

“When we had issues, we needed a partner that we could call and would be willing to help solve them.  We wanted to take some control ourselves. We want to be able to make changes and do things quickly, but we also wanted to have someone that could help us when we were busy with other projects. We were looking for a partner that we trusted, that would deliver quick response and had the help that we needed along with the knowledge so when issues came up that partner could help us solve them.” Tina Owen, IT Director, Air Hydro Power.

The Air Hydro team worked closely on the solution design with the Unified account team led by Logan Taylor and assisted by Aaron Lowe. At the end of June, the transition across all locations took place.  Unified provided a new SDWAN, LAN and Security and a new Unified Communications Platform.   Maria Morris led Unified’s Cloud Carrier Division in Air Hydro’s installation and coordinated 36 ports across 17 locations to occur simultaneously. Unified had a technician on site at each location and a team at Air Hydro’s headquarters on Blankenbaker Parkway in Louisville. Kevin Hester led the IT Division and Hope Smith and Kim Couch coordinated the installation of the UC.

“It really requires strong project management and expertise across all the technologies that were being proposed and leveraged in the design. We’re proud to be a partner that can design, deliver and support a dynamic company like Air Hydro Power.”  Adam Fischer, President, Unified Technologies.

“I just enjoyed the people on Unified’s team.  I think everyone is very knowledgeable on their part of the solution.  They’re very helpful and they are willing to jump in and help us solve problems in a very customer service mindset.  They try to take care of their customer and make sure that we walk away with no problems in the least amount of time as possible.

Since you cover so many different realms and do it well, I always felt comfortable. Every time we planned to do something, we always got confirmation that we had made the right decision (and we made the right decision on so many other levels, we didn’t even know it!)

Everything is in place and now we are looking forward to the monthly reports to help us catch any issues and tweak things, so we stay in high performance and continue to run efficiently.

With all the experience the UT team had on the conversion, the porting of everything (across all locations), I felt like we were definitely in good hands.”  Tina Owens on the installation and follow up support.

Here at Unified Technologies, we are also proud to be a total solutions provider.  Though we haven’t been in business as long as Air Hydro (yet), we have adapted to new technologies and expanded our portfolio with our ISS, Carrier and IT Managed Services solutions. We enjoyed working with the team at AHP as well and look forward to serving them for years to come.