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Customer Comments – Q4, 2021

By: Unified Technologies
Published: January 6, 2022 Updated: January 8, 2024
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Goodbye 2021.  And some would say Good Riddance.  We here at Unified are grateful for our customers, our partners and our team and look forward to continuing to build both in 2022.  

In 2022 we are going to be introducing more tools to enhance the Customer Experience.  CX may be the new buzz term for 2022 as companies are taking a closer look at what they are using and what’s available to take their customers’ experience to the next level. Looks like AI will play a bigger role too. We will be hosting a virtual seminar in February to explore some of those new options.  Stay tuned for more on that.

The last quarter of the month statistics are in and, like in the past, we will share those results.  235 surveys were completed in the 4th quarter of 2021.  Of those, we received 103 comments from customers who took the time to share their thoughts on their experience with us.  And, as always, we are grateful for their insight and suggestions.  We are not perfect. In all we received 3 yellow and 7 red scores.  That means a whopping 96% of the survey results were extremely positive.  But it also means we have the data needed to improve in some areas.  And we are working on that.  196 gave us a rating of GOLD – Outstanding.  29 rated our service on their issue as GREEN – Good.  There were 3 Fair ratings and 7 Poor.  Any rating below good was followed up with a call from our VP of Operations to better understand the score and make sure we do everything possible to make and keep our customers happy.  Customer feedback is always appreciated.  Here’s a look at the comments we received. 

Response DateComment
10/1/2021prompt response
10/1/2021Jim is great, always helpful.
10/4/2021Thank you!
10/5/2021Always appreciate Dennis - goes above and beyond, knows his stuff, and an all-around good fellow!
10/5/2021Dan is always quick to respond and resolved our issue quickly.
10/6/2021Give Ron a raise!
10/6/2021Todd did a great job and was quick about it.  Thanks again Todd!
10/6/2021Great customer service and worked at a fast pace
10/6/2021Great service, as always!
10/6/2021Ron kept at this project until he located the issue and fixed it immediately!!  So thankful to see competent people!!!
10/8/2021William was excellent on this call. Thank you, William!
10/11/2021Lincoln solved our issue and communicated with me during the process. Very thank full to have this issue corrected.  Thank you
10/11/2021Quick response time
10/11/2021quick response, great customer service. Thank you!
10/11/2021William was a great help and so fast!!
10/11/2021Lincoln is always helpful and gets me back online quickly.
10/13/2021Tech was here at the time he said he would be and had the problem fixed in 5 minutes! Thank you.
10/13/2021Thank you!
10/13/2021Thanks, Glenn, for all of your assistance.
10/15/2021Always pleasant and efficient.
10/18/2021Larry, found the problem out within a few minutes of being here
10/18/2021Dan, was very helpful in getting me back online.
10/19/2021Quick and efficient service!
10/21/2021As always Jim was able to help me with my issue with the connect client!
10/22/2021Really appreciate Dan and his hard work to get this resolved.  He also made sure to follow up today to make sure reports are being received correctly!  Excellent service.  We appreciate you!
10/22/2021Dave was courteous and fixed the problem quickly. Excellent service.  Thank you so much,
10/22/2021Fast great service
10/25/2021On the ball and attentive!!!
10/25/2021Ron was excellent!!  We couldn't have done our upgrade with him.
10/25/2021great service. many thanks. 
10/26/2021Thank you for the prompt service.
10/27/2021We always receive stellar service from Unified!!
10/28/2021Glenn is my hero
10/28/2021Great customer service as usual!
10/29/2021Thanks, Brian, for all your help and patience
11/1/2021Awesome service
11/1/2021Truly impressed with the quick work and attentiveness from all on your team. From the constant communication with Christian Beary to the help of Aaron Lowe and Doug Banks getting this issue solved quickly we could not be more impressed from you all and your team.
11/2/2021We appreciate Todd working with us so promptly and efficiently. Thank you.
11/3/2021Christian is always so helpful. Appreciate his support.
11/3/2021great customer service very prompt :)
11/3/2021Thank you for the great service
11/3/2021Thanks, Dennis, for getting this working again.
11/4/2021Very helpful
11/4/2021Thanks to Christian B. for helping me so quickly!
11/5/2021Thank You!
11/5/2021Service Tech was outstanding.   Really appreciate his knowledge of our system and patience with our questions.
11/5/2021Thank you for all of your help!
11/5/2021Professional, and timely in fixing issue ...
11/8/2021William did an excellent job.  Thanks!
11/8/2021Christian did a great job
11/8/2021Great service as usual!
11/9/2021William Leet was very helpful in getting me the proper information that I needed to be able to change the forgotten password of an employee.  He even offered to wait on hold to make sure that I was able to successfully change the password.
11/10/2021good job
11/10/2021I was contacted right away, and the technician came right over to fix the issue.
11/10/2021quick resolution
11/12/2021Jim was great to work with. He communicated well and kept me updated as he got our issue solved.
11/12/2021Thank you for all your help.
11/12/2021the best
11/12/2021very fast service. Kind and helpful
11/15/2021Thank you, Jim, for your wonderful service!
11/16/2021Efficient and professional
11/16/2021Larry is great to work with! Above and beyond!
11/17/2021Mike was very helpful
11/17/2021Doug - Awesome communication, awesome work, professional as always.  
11/17/2021Very easy and pleasant experience. My issue was promptly resolved!
11/18/2021Shawn does a great job.  He is organized and very thorough.
11/18/2021Thank you for the help!  It was unexpected to get a call back the same day with a software resolution.  The hard work is greatly appreciated!
11/19/2021This tech is always very knowledgeable, very willing to help and very professional.  Excellent tech, with great people skills.  Keep up the great work!
11/19/2021The quick response was terrific!
11/23/2021Love you guys and gals.
11/23/2021Todd fixed and replaced cord. Thank you. Both my phone and system are running better this morning. I appreciate the promptness in taking care of the matter.
11/23/2021Dan not only delivered the new UPS, he actually helped me load it in. Top shelf customer service!
11/23/2021Todd was very prompt, courteous and efficient in diagnosing and fixing our problem.
11/24/2021They quickly resolved the issue as always!
11/29/2021The tech was very helpful
12/2/2021Thank you for getting the issue fixed so quickly.
12/3/2021Mr. G is great. (referencing Glenn)
12/6/2021Jim seems to always have the answer.
12/6/2021Thank you so much for all your assistance. Christian is great to work with and always so friendly. Really appreciate all you do for our company.
12/7/2021Took the time to get it right. Thank you
12/7/2021Thank you for your fast response time and getting me back on the phones asap
12/14/2021Your service technician, Mike, was very polite and knowledgeable and made the entire process go smoothly.  Once again great service and support was provided.  Thank you.
12/14/2021AMAZING Service
12/14/2021Thank you! You all are always so prompt and courteous!
12/14/2021Doug is great!
12/15/2021excellent friendly service :)
12/16/2021I was very thankful to get this issue taken care of!  I may call back today to have the same user taken out of the Referral hunt group - she isn't in referrals - but getting her set up in the ECC was fast and efficient.  Thank you so much.
12/16/2021As always, Doug provided fast, knowledgeable service. Thanks!
12/16/2021The assistance given is always timely and greatly appreciated.
12/20/2021The only downfall was that when the call was first placed the operator did not realize the importance of the situation as we were still in a fall out from a tornado, and I had to call back to get the problem escalated.  Once addressed the problem was solved quickly.
12/22/2021Prompt and excellent service. Thank you!!!
12/23/2021Dan and the employees did a great job in getting and keeping us running.
12/27/2021William responded to my call very quickly, from the time I called until he arrived was about 25min. Repaired it very quickly, THANKS William!