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Customer Comments - Q3, 2021

By: Unified Technologies
Published: October 13, 2021 Updated: January 8, 2024
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Q3 Customer Comment Word Cloud


Can you believe we are already finished with the third quarter of 2021?  Hopefully things are starting to return to something resembling normal.  


When our software gathers the comments we receive back from the surveys we send out after every completed service ticket, it creates a word cloud.  The word cloud takes the words used most in the surveys returned and creates a cloud.  The bigger the word, the more times it was used.  


Judging from the word cloud, Dan, Jim and Ron did a great job assisting our customers over the last three months. Of course, we now have two Dan’s on our tech team, Dan O’Toole and Dan Nelson.  Maybe that’s why the word ‘Dan’ is the biggest name this month.  Guessing those guys are going to have to try to figure out or just share bragging rights.   


We received 118 responses from customers who took the time to complete the survey.  And we are grateful for anyone who did.  It can only make us better when we know how the customer feels about their experience with us.  Of those, 95 gave us a rating of GOLD – Outstanding.  15 rated our service on their issue as GREEN – Good.  There were 3 Fair ratings and 2 Poor.  Any rating below good will be followed up with a call from our VP of Operations to better understand the score and make sure we do everything possible to keep our customers happy.  Customer feedback is always appreciated.  Here’s a look at the comments we received. 


Response Date Comment
9/3/2021 Always a good experience, our old system keeps chugging along with your help. Thanks!
10/5/2021 Always appreciate Dennis - goes above and beyond, knows his stuff, and an all-around good fellow!
7/14/2021 Always great support!
9/15/2021 amazing, thank you Dan and Kim for calling us right back
9/14/2021 Appreciate the great service!
9/24/2021 As always Dan takes great care of us!
9/28/2021 As always Thank You Christian.
9/30/2021 Dan is always nice and super helpful
10/5/2021 Dan is always quick to respond and resolved our issue quickly.
9/15/2021 Dan is always quick to solve our issues and makes sure that everything is complete before finishing the call.
7/2/2021 Did what needed to be done and did it very quickly. Great job.
7/15/2021 Everything went great!
7/9/2021 Excellent customer service.  I truly appreciate all your help!
7/14/2021 Excellent Tech.  Extremely professional, and super knowledgeable.  5 Star service!
7/13/2021 Fast recovery of our phone systems when the storm shut them off.
10/6/2021 Give Ron a raise!
10/6/2021 Great customer service and worked at a fast pace
10/6/2021 Great service, as always!
9/8/2021 Great service.  Appreciate the prompt follow up!
7/9/2021 I appreciate the patience and help that Jim had while resolving my issue
9/15/2021 I cannot thank the entire team at Unified enough for their prompt response to our issues.  I want to call out one individual, Kim Couch as he always goes out of his way to insure everything is working.  He does not let up until all issues are resolved.
9/3/2021 Jim is always a gem to work with. He is always willing to show and walk through his troubleshooting steps to educate the end user.
10/1/2021 Jim is great, always helpful.
9/1/2021 Jim was very friendly and attentive and helped resolve the issue.
7/13/2021 Jim was very personable and helpful.  Got my app set up in just a couple minutes.  Thank you!!
10/1/2021 prompt response
10/6/2021 Ron kept at this project until he located the issue and fixed it immediately!!  So thankful to see competent people!!!
7/19/2021 Ron was attentive and pleasant to work with on my phone problem, as always.  I greatly appreciate his help and excellent service!
9/9/2021 Service was excellent
9/1/2021 Smooth as butter!
8/31/2021 Test message from a closed ticket with a Gold survey rating
9/16/2021 thank you again Unified Team
7/1/2021 Thank you, Christian, for identifying the problem and getting it fixed so quickly. Always appreciate the great service!
9/28/2021 Thank You Christian for your speedy resolve.  Much appreciated. Julie Breedlove
9/14/2021 Thank you for fixing the problem with adding employees to my work group!   Your awesome!
9/17/2021 Thanks for coming over to set-up the phones in person!  Great Customer Service!
10/6/2021 Todd did a great job and was quick about it.  Thanks again Todd!
9/2/2021 We appreciate the great service Unified provided.
7/14/2021 Dan is so helpful. Thanks!
10/4/2021 Thank you!
9/13/2021 Thank you!